New Release – Midnight Drive by Nick Domingo

New Release – Midnight Drive by Nick Domingo

Nick Domingo is an artist from San Diego, California (USA). His music is described as a blend of alternative music with electronic and orchestral influences. He released two EPs in 2021, ‘The Phoenix Project, Pt. 1’ which was released in June, and it’s successor ‘The Phoenix Project, Pt. 2’ which was released in October.

His latest song ‘Midnight Drive’ is a stray-away from his usual alternative/orchestral style in favor of a pop-sounding track featuring punchy drums, marimba block chords, and synthesizers.

“I wrote ‘Midnight Drive’ in January of this year over the course of three weeks, I think. It took a lot of revising and mixing to get it to where it sounds right now.”

“I’ve never really thought about getting my music into movies or shows. I suppose a movie set in the city or during the summertime would work because of the synth-pop sounding feel.”

“This release is not accompanied with a music video. I have thought about shooting one, though. Nothing too fancy. Maybe some close up/wide shots of the different instruments and such.”

‘Midnight Drive’ will be out 18th March.