New Release – Mellow Moon (EP) by Fisj

New Release – Mellow Moon (EP) by Fisj

Fisj is a one-man-band from Melle near Ghent in Flanders (Belgium). He used to play in various local bands, gigging in clubs and cafes across the country and doing some small-scale homemade and studio recordings. After the break-up he continued to make music on his own.

Fisj released his first single ‘Mellow Moon’ in 2020. On 22nd September he will release his first EP, which is also called ‘Mellow Moon’.

How would you describe the EP?

“I’d say this is very much a ‘McCartney I (1970)’ type of EP – without assuming to match any of the brilliant songs on there. A thorough DIY approach, very homely also. I very much like going through all the steps of writing, composing, building an arrangement, recording, mixing and mastering myself. I feel a good vibe and atmosphere make up for technical shortcomings.”

“The songs on this EP are all about love, family and friends. So it’s very homely in that respect as well. I like writing about people and things that are close and nearby. The title track ‘Mellow Moon’ for example recalls a family holiday in France. ‘A Call Came’ is about my father passing away. ‘Beautiful Girl’ is a little ode to my darling daughter. ‘Boy In Blue’ is about a friendship during my childhood years.”

“One might consider this EP as the A side of an entire album in the making. The next five songs are already written and in the process of being recorded, with a love song for my lovely wife, one for my exploring son, and – because she’s such a sweetheart – one for our aging golden retriever as well. But I guess all that’s for some next time.”

What movie should feature your music and why?

“Perhaps ‘Beautiful Girl’ could have a place in the movie ‘Juno’. This film – about a girl getting pregnant at 16 and a couple adopting her baby – has a really warm feel about it. With all – or most – characters meaning well in a difficult and challenging situation, the strong-willed young woman herself, her clumsy but adorable boyfriend, her supportive parents, the sympathetic adopting couple, etc. It’s the kind of movie that leaves you feeling good inside. I even dare say it restores or confirms one’s faith in humanity. So I’d say, do check it out!”

Is there a story behind the art work?

“The cover photo is from a holiday in Burgundy, which served as the inspiration for the title song ‘Mellow Moon’. Being there together with my wife, the kids and my parents – warm loving company, that faint waning moon somehow spoke to me on that particular day. Nature can be so wondrous to enjoy. And it’s everywhere!”