New Release – Lucky Day by Electric Sol

New Release – Lucky Day by Electric Sol

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona (USA), retro indie pop five-piece Electric Sol embodies the freedom of the Great American Southwest. Independent, curious, open minded, and respectful, these quirky nerds love learning from each other’s wide-ranging life perspectives. In addition to sharing a passion for music, the band mates have individual obsessions for things like chess, cooking, fitness, bell peppers, meditation, dogs, auto racing, mixology, and more. The band’s motto comes from the legendary Betty White: “Just open your mind. Stay interested in stuff.”

The band found its sweet spot in 2020 with the release of ‘Your Divinity’ the first single off its City Tonight EP.

Their next single ‘Lucky Day’ will be released on 13th May. The band is running a pre-save contest, anyone who pre-saves the song before the release date can win Electric Sol merch: T-shirts, pint glasses, balloons, and more.”

“A few of my friends were navigating the treacherous waters of online dating, and their experiences inspired this song.It’s a fun, high-energy dance track. I like to think of it as a modern version of Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’, with cheeky background vocals highlighting the other person’s point of view.”

“We shot a video for this song on May 1st, mostly in Ed’s back yard and on some hiking trails in Phoenix. We attracted a little bit of a crowd in the park where the trail is, as four of us were dressed as cavepeople and Robert was dressed as a dinosaur. Cody did double duty as caveman and cameraman, and Robert did the shooting when Cody was on camera.”

“We’re hoping to have the video ready in time for the song release, but it will likely be a couple weeks after. Sooner or later, it’ll be viewable on our YouTube channel and we’ll promote it on all our socials.”

“The track was produced by our friend Thorisson, who is also an artist. Ed met Thorisson on Twitter and asked him if he’d be willing to produce a few songs for us. He agreed, and ‘Lucky Day’ is the fifth track we’ve worked on together.”

“Ed and Lindsey recorded the vocals in Phoenix and Thorisson did the arrangement and mixing in his studio. He recently moved from Iceland to the UK, so we think this song was done in the UK. Xennon Studios did the mastering, and PopArtAve did the cover art.”

The Band

Edward A. (Ed) Sweet (songwriter, lead vocals and keyboards), Lindsey Bair (background vocals and keyboards), Cody Hazelle (octatrack), Robert Bates (keyboards and vocoder), Eddie Rossi (guitar and percussion).