New Release – Low Tide by Lightbringer

New Release – Low Tide by Lightbringer

Lightbringer is the project from the mind of Trevor Meyer, who is also the vocalist and guitarist and for the Cleveland, Ohio band, The Jobs. About Lightbringer:

“It is largely about songs meandering between 1st and 3rd person perspective to communicate emotion, tell stories, and audibly depict human psychology. Atmospheric and ethereal soundscapes partner with emotive lyrics that emphasize finding courage during times of loss, using the past to change the future, pain rationalization, and channeling the non-music world through an artistic lens to see what comes out on the other side. These songs have been made purely for the aesthetic thrill of creating art.”

Lightbringer will be releasing his debut single ‘Low Tide‘ on May 7th.

“In 2020 and early 2021 it has been a challenge for our band, The Jobs, to rehearse and write cohesively as we have been taking extra precautions. The solo project Lightbringer was largely born out of that idea. As a songwriter, I cannot necessarily control when ideas flow in and when I get on a “songwriting heater” so to speak. So, for months, I was waking up during the night with batches of musical ideas manifesting. I was hearing a lot of symphonic elements, delayed guitars, reverb-soaked vocals, atmospheric keys and somewhat erratic song arrangements. At the same time, the natural world was evoking a great deal from my subconscious state. I thought it was cool and lucky to be experiencing these intersecting portraits and knew that I had to find a way to iron out my vision and get the ideas recorded. I knew the designs were there sonically; the next steps were to connect them to the natural world and then try to thematically tie the music and content in with added bits of psychedelia and imagination. The songs are largely based in storytelling, which also exists in my upcoming second release ‘Sailors Arms’ – a sea epic about a crew crossing the Northern Atlantic during the 18th century.”

“ I recently took a trip to The Grand Canyon and did a 15-mile hike to the bottom and back. It gave me a lot of existential time. I thought about time in general and how it is a constantly fleeting entity. As I was battling the dust and wind in canyon, I came up with the idea of trying to musically describe the experience of someone waking up after years of being in a state of comatose. The expedition of the first audible heartbeat, to the unavoidable state of panic, to the slow and slithering feeling of getting left behind. In a way, ‘Low Tide’ is meant to be erratic. It is designed to simulate a wormhole sensation as the character is slowly piecing together shards of his/her memory in an attempt to use their past to change the future. It is about someone dealing with their past, their regrets, and feeling lost in a world that has left them behind.”

“The artwork is very connected to that idea of the natural world being seen through the lens of the song character. In this case, I imagine waking up from a coma, would leave you in a state of infancy, feeling as if you were experiencing the world for the first time. The obscure colorations and dizziness of the covert art for ‘Low Tide’ are representative of that idea. It is meant to breathe the essence of the landscape and how it makes the character feel rather than depict actual reality.”

“There is also a funny story about the artwork. It is actually a photo I took on the Northern African coast. I was on the way to my hostel in Tangier and the cab driver was driving some 80s Mercedes with no gas gauge. I had no idea how far the journey would be and was pretty sure we were going to run out of gas. When we finally arrived, I thanked him and paid him a good deal of euros which was quite a lot of Moroccan dirham back then. He kept his hand open, so I gave him some more. And then again, he kept his hand open, so I gave him more. It was quickly becoming an old west type of stare down situation. Finally, I think somewhere around the 100 euros mark, he finally closed his hand to let me pass. He had kind of a Crocodile Dundee vibe going on, and even with my advanced karate knowledge from grade school years, I don’t think I had much of a chance there. It was definitely a wild ride, but I did manage to snag that amazing photo of The Alboran Sea off the African coast.”