New Release – Love You To The End by Dany Horovitz

New Release – Love You To The End by Dany Horovitz

Dany Horovitz is a Canadian singer-songwriter, known for delighting audiences with his memorable melodies and beautiful storytelling through vivid lyrics. Each of the singles off of Dany’s debut album ‘Free Times’, received radio play across Canada, the United States, Europe, and Australia. Dany’s music is infused with modern takes on familiar sounds: melodic guitar and piano chords, popping bass licks, and toe-tapping percussion. His lyrics are stories of love, loss, and life, drawing inspiration from ancient poets, modern philosophers, and personal experiences.

Dany’s new single Love You To The End’ is out 14th July. A pre-save is available here.

When did you write this song?

“This is one of my oldest songs, I wrote when I was a teenager, still developing my abilities as a songwriter. I wrote a lot of songs at that time, and I felt that very few of them were any good. Fewer still became songs I’d play for years to come. ‘Love You To The End’ still brings me joy to play, despite it’s simplicity – or maybe because of it’s simplicity! I remember being very proud of myself when I wrote the chord progressions at the bridge. I remember thinking, “wow an Fm and a C7? In one bridge?”. Good job, Dany! (haha)”

What’s your favorite memory of recording it?

“I love the collaborative process and am so grateful for my collaborators. When we went into the studio to record, Sean Royle, who plays on all my records and is an absolute genius musician and music arranger, had an idea for a harmonica part during the musical break. He didn’t bring his harmonica but said he would record the part later. So a little while later I followed up and a few days after that he sent through the harmonica part with an amazing story: he had used Bruce Springsteen’s actual harmonica to record. Apparently, years ago his sister was in the front row at a Bruce concert and after playing ‘Thunder Road’, Bruce handed her his harmonica. So, when Sean borrowed her harmonica to record the part he was using that same harmonica! And even though this story has almost nothing to do with me, it might be the best story I will ever have.”

What TV movie or series should feature ‘Love You To The End’ and why?

“The song is very upbeat and high-energy, very optimistic. I could definitely see this song being the theme song for a cheesy 90s-style family sitcom.”


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