New Release – Love Me Now and Leave Me Never by The Jerrys

New Release – Love Me Now and Leave Me Never by The Jerrys

The Jerrys play British-influenced guitar pop written by Jerry Schwartz, who also plays multiple instruments, sings, and produces their music. Schwartz gets by with a little help from his musical friends Robert Porché and Jim Losby when recording and performing live.

The new single ‘Love Me Now and Leave Me Never’ will be out March 23rd. Here’s a pre-save link.

What inspired you to write ‘Love Me Now and Leave Me Never’?

“I’ve always enjoyed watching spies on the screen, and I wanted to know what it would sound like if my band did a Bond movie theme. After creating a fictional movie title, everything fell into place, including using a sitar – I always loved that sitar in the Bond-like intro of the soundtrack version of The Beatles’ ‘Help!’.

“The lead guitar solo is a tribute to Johnny Rivers’ solo in ‘Secret Agent Man’ an old fave of mine. I was encouraged throughout the writing process by listening to several really bad Bond movie theme songs.”

What does this song mean to you?

“I wrote and recorded ‘Love Me Now and Leave Me Never’ to complete another songwriting bucket list item. For the upcoming album ‘Ready or No’ out on April 5th, I specifically set out to write a song called ‘Alicia’, a James Bond theme song, an Indian pop raga, and even a country song, so the sense of accomplishment at least is there along with the other songs. It also feels good knowing I wrote a better Bond theme than Madonna (laughs).”

What movie or TV series should feature your music and why?

“It would be awesome to get a tune placed in any movie or TV series, obviously, but hearing a song by The Jerrys in the next Austin Powers movie would be very groovy!”

Listeners have compared The Jerrys to Boyce and Hart, Big Star, Matthew Sweet, and The Shoes.