New Release – Lost in Dreams (summertime version) by Quiet Signals

New Release – Lost in Dreams (summertime version) by Quiet Signals

Ohio (USA) guitarist Nick Kizirnis’ new post-rock acoustic collaboration project Quiet Signals returns with follow-up single ‘Lost in Dreams’.

Nick Kizirnis is best known for his work with midwest surf rock trio The Mulchmen, he has also leant his distinctly haunted guitar style to many other artists’ recordings including The Breeders, Tobin Sprout and Robert Pollard, and most recently on his own ‘The Distance’ recorded with Son Volt’s Mark Patterson and Lung’s Kate Wakefield.

‘Lost in Dreams (summertime version)’ is more stripped down than the original album version. The idea to present another take on the song came from Kizirnis and cellist Kate Wakefield performing the album as an acoustic duo, removing all the reverb, echo and drones and adopting a very organic sound.

“The song ‘Lost in Dreams’ and all of Quiet Signals was recorded virtually over two years during lockdown by Nick Kizirnis with Kate Wakefield. As the two sent tracks back and forth, the original acoustic ballads they started with began developing their own unique moods and ambience until they had an album that documented the journey through the
wilderness and isolation of that time.”

“Four our album release we tried working with droning notes and different effects to replicate the layered tracks on the album, but
the simpler we made it, the better it sounded, and it was much more fun to play,” said Kizirnis. The performance is captured on the latest Quiet Signals music video, recorded at and by Vagabond Studio & Gallery in Dayton Ohio.

About the artwork:

“During the pandemic my wife Kathi Kizirnis was taking photos in the woods where we would go for walks. She would take the beautiful photos of the sky and the stillness that was a refuge from the madness and isolation of lockdown, and then manipulate them with lighting effects to create moods that were both soothing and unsettling. She finished a series at the same time I completed the songs I was writing during that same time period.”

“We listened to the album and looked through the photos and it all came together very quickly and naturally. I’m so happy to have Kathi’s photography as part of this project.”

Lost in Dreams (summertime version)’ releases on all streaming platforms 26th May.


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