New Release – Loser by Caprinova

New Release – Loser by Caprinova

Caprinova is the genre hopping songwriting duo Jeff Prince and Nicola Thornton. The duo formed in 2021 and is based near Cambridge (UK).

“We have an “Anglo-Canadian” approach to songwriting with over 30 years’ multi-instrumental, lyrical and vocal talent experience. We write songs to help anyone start their day, trigger a cherished memory or get them through the other side of something challenging. We write music we like and share it, simple as that.”

Their single ‘Loser’ is out 15th September. A pre-save is available.

What’s the song about?

“If you’ve ever been cheated on, this is the song for you, turn it up! It’s written from the perspective of someone who has had enough and will no longer tolerate being lied to or cheated onby their partner.”

Do the lyrics have a special meaning to you?

“Yes. They are an anthem for anyone who has experienced deceitful behaviour in a relationship. The song has pieces of real conversations that happened to one of our friends and features some of the advice offered. Sadly, we all know someone who can relate to this song and music to us, is all about connecting people. We hope to inspire others to have the courage to reject toxic behaviour, end bad relationships, and embrace the not so sad break up song!”

Is this release different from your previous releases?

“Yes, our previous releases are ballads and pop songs about the blissful, happy, joyful side of love, this is a very different vibe for us and may shock a few listeners! It is an upbeat pop/punk track with some angry pictorial lyrics. ‘Loser’ is our first foray into something “rocky” and has a very catchy hook/message about liars and cheats that we spell out in letters at the beginning and end of the song – L. O. S. E. R.!”

What are you hoping to achieve with this release?

“We are very excited. We hope it will be a huge hit and receive raidio airtime as well as being shared on social media or even curated on Spotify an Apple playlists. This is a rocky upbeat break up song, so it has wide appeal – young and old. Anyone who has been in a toxic relationship and experienced that “aha moment”, clarity and dug deeper for self-respect. We’d love people to connect with the lyrics and overall catchiness of the song and share with their friends who can relate. We want people to draw others’ attention to it by forwarding it to someone they know experiencing the lyrical content.”

Is the release accompanied with a music video? Where can we find it?

“Yes, video snippets will appear on the Caprinova TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages. A full and lyric-based version will appear on the Caprinova website ( and the Caprinova YouTube channel.“

Is there a story behind the cover artwork?

“No particular story, but the artwork uses red to symbolise shame and guilt. It incorporates a man doing a “Loser” sign with his thumb and forefinger, suggesting he accepts all he is accused of. Finally, the word “Loser” appears at the very bottom of the image in typewriter font, the most unimaginative of all fonts. The word is at the bottom to suggest he couldn’t be any lower.”

Drums, bass, rhythm/lead electric guitars and keyboards were played by Jeff. Lyrics, topline melody, lead and backing vocals were created and performed by Nic.


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