New Release – Los York by Alex Paisley Steadman

New Release – Los York by Alex Paisley Steadman

Alex Paisley Stedman vowed during lockdown that from here out, she’d record and release a new single every month. But quantity does not equal quality so she and her producer/dad: Jim Stedman endlessly scrutinize and debate to find the best selections to record from their writing sessions.

“I want the songs to constantly evolve and create a fresh sound and story with each new release.”

Her upcoming release is called ‘Los York’. It will be out on 11th March. A pre-save is available.

What’s the song about?

“Los York is about being a young adult having lived in NYC and LA and the similar experiences of loneliness both cities bring. The opening line to the first verse is the theme for the whole song – “I was lost in Los Angeles and old in New York”. Trying to grow and find your footing in a new city is difficult and teaches you more about yourself than you thought possible. It’s fun, thrilling, and exhausting…testing, and the highest highs paired with the lowest lows.”

When did you write it?

“The majority of this song was written and heavily influenced living in NYC. The other 40% was written in anticipation of moving to and living in LA. I’d actually taken the lyrics to a NY producer with a very specific tune in mind. He liked the lyrics and melody but then COVID hit, I moved away and we never connected again. It was so fun to see this song finally come to life and work with my dad, of all people to produce it into something better than I’d ever expected.”

How did you start working with your dad?

“My dad and I had experimented with writing and recording songs a few years ago but it took the quarantine of 2020 to really get us to start working at the craft of songwriting. Like everyone else, we were forced to stay at home and decided to turn a scary situation into a productive music-making one. Dad had been writing short pieces of music and studying mixing and mastering for years. I had notebooks full of lyrics and a hard drive of possible tunes I’d been working on since middle school. Once we decided to put our efforts toward creating actual songs there was no turning back. We recorded 12 singles during the pandemic and just finished another 6 songs over Christmas.”

“My dad and I both write music. Sometimes I’ll come up with a vocal tune and dad will write a musical arrangement for it. Other times, he’ll send me a tune he’s written with scratch vocals and I’ll change it up to match my style. I write most of the lyrics but on occasion, dad or my mom will help work out the lyrical structure of a chorus or verse. My brother – who has an entire library full of his own original music on SoundCloud as Jay Bonz – is working on creating beats and stems for some of my upcoming songs so I guess that makes us a family band.”

What movies would this be in?

“I would love to see this song in a coming-of-age, young adult, indie film. It would be so fun to hear it as the driver of a montage scene in something like Booksmart, Easy A., Baby Mama, House Bunny, Confessions of a Shopaholic, or Little Black Book. I also think it would work for shows that feature LA and/or NYC as a character like Younger, Sex in the City, Gossip Girl, or (of course) Real Housewives of NYC/Beverly Hills.”