New Release – Loose Lips Sink Ships (EP) by Ghost

New Release – Loose Lips Sink Ships (EP) by Ghost

GHOST is a self taught producer, composer and musician based in Manchester (UK).

“I write a lot of music across all kinds of genres. I’ve been producing and recording music for around 20 years and have been playing a variety of instruments since I was young. My inspirations come from far and wide and include incredible musical talents such as Roy Brown, Richard D. James, the Eagles of Death Metal and Radiohead.”

GHOST will release a new four track EP ‘Loose Lips Sink Ships’ 3rd March.

“I’d decribe this release as rhytmic, upbeat, energetic, stereotypically dark, and yet might still subvert expectations. These four tracks are very much their own thing and sound more like my earlier works.”

“Having only just released ‘Rage Against The Dying Of The Light‘, which is a sombre, low key and largely moody melody driven release, I wanted to create something with more grit, energy and rhythm and refocus away from the previous sound. In effect, this EP cleansed my musical palate.”

“Unless commissioned, all my music and artwork is produced, designed written and recorded by myself and I personally believe that any creative who produces work off their own back should keep full control over what they create. This keeps the work individualistic, honest and authentic though, unfortunately, this can also come at a cost – usually a financial one!”


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