New Release – Lonely Wagon by Carter Will

New Release – Lonely Wagon by Carter Will

Carter Will is a DIY solo rock musician based in the Chicago area (USA).

“I consider myself an up-and-coming musician and have mostly released songs that would be described as folk punk or indie punk. I think my next single ‘Lonely Wagon’ would be a great addition to the Cool Top 20 playlist.”

“It’s a song about the sadness in coming to terms with the end of a relationship, while also holding out hope for the future. It uses metaphors about alcohol to explain why sometimes moving on is the only choice. My signature thoughtful and detailed words are on full display and the song has an upbeat folk punk riff that pairs perfectly with the lyrics.”

“It is the lead single to my second album, ‘Spiderwebbed’, which will come out early 2024.”

Why did you decide to release this one as the first single?

“I wanted to choose a fairly upbeat song with a strong hook that felt familiar to those who have listened to my prior songs. ‘Lonely Wagon’ was immediately a song I loved after finishing it and I knew it would be a potential single and likely be one of the first tracks on my album. I think lyrically it contains themes that are central on my album as a whole.”

Is the song autobiographical?

“Yes, this is very much an autobiographical, heart-on-the-sleeve song. Almost every song I’ve written could be described as autobiographical, as I tend to write inward-looking lyrics. Of course, some creative liberties are always taken when writing a song.”

Is there a sense of excitement or panic?

“I only feel excitement when I release a new song. Typically I’ll have written my songs more than six months or a year before they are released. So in that time, excitement to share my music builds. Since I do all the recording and mixing myself, it feels like the song gets a second life once it’s put out into the world. That’s a special feeling as a DIY musician, since often times I’m truly the only one who has heard my songs before they get released.”

‘Lonely Wagon’ is our December 8th. A pre-save is available here.


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