New Release – Lights by Isak Jakobsson

New Release – Lights by Isak Jakobsson

Isak Jakobsson is an indie pop/rock artist from Sweden known for his mesmerizing sound that blends retro guitar elements with modern sensibilities. With his debut EP ‘Valley Fever’ released in 2021, Isak quickly garnered attention for his powerful yet vulnerable vocals and captivating songwriting. Now, with his upcoming EP ‘Our Love’. Isak Jakobsson is poised to captivate audiences once again with his unique sound and heartfelt melodies.

His new single ‘Lights’ is out 13th September.

What is ‘Lights’ about?

“The song is about someone who can’t see the light when they are going through a tough time. Sometimes you need a reminder that it’ll get better after a while.”

What inspired you to write it?

“It was a day in autumn, I looked outside my window and the trees were turning yellow. I saw the sunlight trying to shine through and it couldn’t make it all the way.”

How would you describe the song?

“The song is an upbeat indie rock song which starts off with a pounding bass guitar line before the band comes in. The verses are laid back before the powerful chorus hits.”

Is there a story behind the cover artwork?

“It was taken on a rooftop bar in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is kind of a dark place, but there’s all these glimpses of light shining through that makes it all bearable.”

When releasing a new single is there a sense of excitement or panic?

“First, I get overwhelmed with everything that is happening around the release, which I guess you can also describe as panic. But it’s also exciting because anything can happen, it could turn out to be the song everyone loves and lives a life of its own- but it could just as easily disappear amongst all the other songs released the same week.”


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