New Release – Lights and Machines by Pranatricks

New Release – Lights and Machines by Pranatricks

Pranatricks is an artist, multi-instrumentalist, and indie singer-songwriter currently based on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. His debut album ‘Cherished’ released in January of 2023 garnered several accolades. Having been active in the Canadian independent music scene since 2006, he continually shapes his outward expression through simple songwriting and instrumentation. He’s also one half of electro funk duo Fur Bearing Animals, whose song ‘Ivy Harvey Shoes’ was featured on Departures, a Canadian Travel TV Show. 

Pranatricks will be releasing seven singles off his ten track sophomore album ‘Elements of’ in six week intervals with the full album releasing on 4th April 2024. His single ‘Lights and Machines’ will be out 6th October. There’s no pre-save link..

What’s the song about?

“A return to a simpler time when we were not bombarded with media messaging, advertisement, and influencers infiltrating the super powered computers that fit in the palm of our hand, ‘Lights and Machines’ is an indie alternative ode to remembering that our greatest powers lie within. Led by a softened crunched up electric guitar and a drum kit, Pranatricks delivers an equally subtle vocal performance that transports the listener to an era and space of effortless wonderment towards our understanding and personal connection to all things. Punctuated and separated by a rhythmic lead guitar line the bridge adds percussion and backing vocal shots to remind the listener to continually monitor their whereabouts in the outer world and ultimately leads them back to the heart space for the answers they are searching for.”

“Parts of the track including the drums and vocal shots were recorded back in 2011 in an abandoned warehouse in Vancouver Downtown Eastside, prior to it being demolished to build gentrified condominiums.”

“The outro harnesses the ethereal haunt of the open warehouse space, while adding some layered arpeggio synthesizers to maximize the mantric quality of the vocals, ultimately returning the listener to a space of awareness within.”

Is the release accompanied with a music video?

“Yes, I filmed a video in the forest behind my house on Vancouver Island. I am very lucky to live in and amongst immense nature, so the idea of leaving behind the modern ways of the world and returning to a more simple life connected to nature seems appealing. The video is simple and is meant to submerse the viewer into the lushness and revitalizing quality of shinrin-yoku (forest bathing). During the outro of the video the light play resurfaces with different visual filters applied to it to invite the viewer into a psychedelic experience beyond the physical realm. You can check out the video HERE once it’s released.”

Is there a story behind the cover artwork? Did you make it yourself?

“Yes, the image is of a home in Daly City just outside of San Francisco from a photo shoot back in 2010 in and around the time that I wrote the song. The image feels as if it could have been taken back in 1977 and is inspired by Fred Herzog’s works, and is meant to be a representation of a time prior to being infiltrated by the ‘Lights and Machines’ of present day.”


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