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New Release: Life Pop Bang (album) by Lyon Tide

todaySeptember 12, 2022 20

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Birmingham based three-piece band Lyon Tide fuses together delicate textures with driving pianos, synths and guitar work, seamlessly transitioning between spare and intimate ballads to soaring, declarative anthems.

Lyon Tide are set to release their second full length album, ‘Life Pop Bang’ on 16th September.

How would you describe the album?

“Primarily, an eclectic fusion of influences and sounds. Although there is a lyrically styled consistency, the album’s sound ranges between the upbeat EDM/R&B-ish ‘Chemical Burn’, the metallic guitar rock of ‘Chewing Gum’, the Madness Britpop styled ‘Bitter Sweet Envy’, subtle heartfelt tones of ‘Silent Words’ and the fast paced Jerry Lewis piano bashing of ‘Change’. So, despite being unable to pigeonhole our music we feel, ‘Life Pop Bang’, represents the Lyon Tide sound perfectly and is basically a collection of eleven singles all in one place.”

What does the album’s title reveal?

“It refers, in a deeply metaphorical sense, to the general theme of each track which are about the social issues we find ourselves facing in everyday life and our problem with aging, ideas about having wasted our life and not doing the things we wish we had. Pop refers to not only the enveloping genre of our music albeit we draw from multiple genres individually, but also the metaphorical sense of life can disappear very quickly; pop and it’s gone. The titular track explains this concept in detail. The Bang is well, let’s all go out with a bang!”

Will you be releasing any singles off the album?

“We have already released ‘Silent Words’ back in October 2021, the collaboration track we did with the awesome British vocalist, Julia Faulks. We loved how the track turned out, so much, that we decided to replace one of our other songs that was destined for this album and include Silent Words instead. Then we released ‘Alone’ last April, this is Anthony’s favorite track and has a pretty deep meaning for us as it is an ode to a close friend who struggled with his/her sexuality, felt very alone in facing the problem which ended up in suicide. ‘Chemical Burn’ followed that, a very different, upbeat sound and style for us – a bit of an experimental track as Darren our vocalist wanted to try and create a new genre of music, we ended up calling it Brummy R&B.”

“However, the title track of the album, ‘Life Pop Bang’ will be the next released single and comes out the very same day as the album — 16th September 2022. Again, another electronic Erasure-like track with its lyrical premise based upon the famous 1956 book “The Boy With The Red Balloon” by Silvana Sardi. The red balloon metaphorically represents happiness until the world around the boy tries to transform that happiness into suffering. We have adapted that concept and made the red balloon into what we make of our life.”

Written by: leancool20

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