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New Release – Let Go by Fedbysound

todayMay 25, 2021 26

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Fedbysound is Mark Grider, a multi-instrumentalist who writes, records, mixes and masters all of his music – except for his first album, which was mastered by Dave Collins – in the comfort of his home studio in Southern California.

Mark released his first album ‘Resonate‘ and his second album ‘Imperfect‘ in 2020. In 2021, he released an album of instrumentals ‘Without Words‘ and is set to release his fourth album in the summer of 2021.

A new song ‘Let Go‘ will be released on Friday 28th May.

“This song is about working through an argument with a person you care deeply about. There can be great frustration and resentment that builds up when one feels that they are on the right side of the argument. However, often as arguments unfold both parties wade into murky waters of responsibility for the ongoing tension. This song explores those dynamics and ponders the idea that it’s critical to question your own sense of righteousness and accept the possibility that in some regard you may be partially to blame for the conflict. In many cases, in order for healing to begin, both parties may need to abandon the idea of “standing their ground” and ultimately just “let go” of the notion that they are right. That said, letting go can be very difficult and that is where the external struggle becomes an internal one. Ultimately though, it’s a message of hope and understanding that healing will come if love is valued most.”

“I write from personal experiences. It’s a song about something that I went through with someone I care very deeply about.”

“I don’t set goals for my music. I make it for my own healing and beyond that, I fall apart mentally. The only hope I have for my music explains why I bother to release it at all. Music has gotten me through so many difficult moments in my life. If my music can help others heal, find peace and understanding in this crazy, mixed up world, then that would be a good thing and that is why I release it.”

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