New Release – Leaving the Dark by Skylar Nevaeh

New Release – Leaving the Dark by Skylar Nevaeh

Skylar Nevaeh’s new single ‘Leaving the Dark‘ was released on 8 January. The lyrics say: “leaving the darkness behind, starry nights are more bright”; meaning there are better times ahead.

Do those lyrics have a special meaning to you?

“To me the lyrics mean I should always believe darker days will pass and better days will come. Life is made of ups and downs, without the “downs” in life there wouldn’t be “ups.”

This release is accompanied by a music video. You can find a link to the video here. The video is made by Skylar.

“However, I do not star in the music video myself. I call it a “visual” as the video contains multiple short videos that I collected from vintage archives. The video displays the meaning of the song. But everyone can have their own personal interpretation of the song and video.”

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