New Release – Ldt101: Silences, Experiments and Instrumentals (EP) by Postindustrial Poets

New Release – Ldt101: Silences, Experiments and Instrumentals (EP) by Postindustrial Poets

Postindustrial Poets are the vehicle for the songs of Pete Poet – a Brit living in Luxembourg. They get classified as alternative rock – and cover a range of genres. Postindustrial Poets started recording in 2019, released their first track in 2020, and didn’t get on stage again until 2021 when COVID relaxed its grip.

On 21st September the Poets will release their EP ‘Ldt101: Silences, Experiments and Instrumentals’ with their key track ‘Long, Long Silences’.

What’s the song about and when did you write it?

“The opening track ‘Long, Long Silences’ is about separation – and how you deal with it. The verses deal with loneliness, jealousy and resignation.”

“It’s inspired by a phrase on a postcard I received years ago: “these long silences are slowly killing me”. When I got over the emotional turmoil involved I thought there was a song in it – but I didn’t see how to make it work until August last year. I guess I worked on the arrangement between then and February, when it was recorded. Our last release was in the pop punk area – so we will be letting people down again. This track has a dense acoustic sound, both guitars and percussion…”

What can you tell us about the other songs on the EP?

“The other tracks are – as the title suggests – basically instrumentals and experiments. There is a (nearly) instrumental track based on ‘Down by the Docks’ which brought us fame and riches by entering the CoolTop20. The most experimental track is a dark version of our ‘Lockdown’ song. Actually this started as an attempt to produce a brighter and more accessible version of a song a lot of people describe as “weird”. But instead it turned out weirder!”

“There are videos for both ‘Long, Long Silences’ and the ‘Lockdown’ track. They will come out over the next few weeks.”

Are you nervous about the release?

“You bet!”

Next moves?

“We should be releasing a collaboration with Time to Act pretty soon. A much happier song – that is already recorded. And we will be withdrawing some of our existing releases from streaming services soon.”