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New Release – Last December by The Motor Control

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Hailing from both Boston and Los Angeles, The Motor Control is a magnetic indie-rock band formed by a collective of seasoned musicians, each bringing their wealth of experience from past ventures into a dynamic collaboration. The group blends their diverse musical backgrounds to create a sonic tapestry that captivates listeners far and wide.

The Motor Control’s music is a fusion of their collective influences, blending elements of a sound powered by Stones grooves, inspired rock hooks from The Byrds and The Who, with added lyrical sophistication of The Beatles to create a captivating and distinct sound. Their songs are imbued with catchy melodies, haunting harmonies, powerful dynamics, and thought-provoking lyrics that resonate with listeners on a profound level and create a sound all their own.

Their new single ‘Last December’ is out December 1st. A pre-save is available. Here’s what songwriter and lead singer, Eric Deneen, had to say about ‘Last December’:

“The song ‘Last December’ is a look back at a few relationships that I’m still processing. How could I have been kinder? How might it have worked out if I was wiser?”

“It is a song I started a hundred years ago. It sat half finished until I remembered it and then revisited. I finished the tune just before we recorded the tracks that would become our latest album. We then had a loose plan to record this track and others with Kato Khandwala but he tragically passed in 2017. He produced my last band’s last single, ‘Slow Down’.”

“Ultimately, we were lucky to work with Doug Grean and Tom Polce on this record and it became something totally different. It all works out the way it was supposed to, I think.”

“This song is very special to me and the entire album is made up of songs that just wouldn’t die! These are some of my favourite tunes that I’ve ever written that span many years. It’s a great rock and roll record by, and for, people that think of rock and roll as high art. We hope people will relate to ‘Last December’ and others we’ll continue to release in 2024.”

Written by: leancool20

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