New Release – Knock it Down by Marveline

New Release – Knock it Down by Marveline

New Release – Knock it Down by Marveline: Marveline is the solo project of Pete Marley from Sydney (Australia). Pete plays bass in a few outfits and is one half of the songwriting team behind power-pop rocksters The Nature Strip, who’ve released three albums and two EPs. The album ‘Savoury-Toothed Tiger’ was released in May 2020, and then a few singles. Not exactly prolific, but a lot of mediocre tunes have been discarded along the way to make sure only the good stuff gets released.

A new Marveline single ‘Knock it Down’ will be out 2nd December.

“It’s about getting rid of the barriers between us. You put them up and I’ll tear them down. Metaphorically with music and noise.”

“It was written over a few years. I had the music for a long time and the chorus line, but couldn’t make the words work. What was being knocked down? What was it about really? Then I heard someone mention the story of Joshua bringing down the walls of Jericho with loud music and that was the trigger for getting the lyrics going about a year ago. Thanks Joshie-boy!”

“I reckon it’s more upbeat and optimistic than my usual stuff. I like to think it’s pretty joyous and my songs are often pretty melancholic. And I played the guitar solos myself, which is not usually the case. Pretty proud of that!”

“I want to write and record music that makes you feel like you did when you first heard a song with a great riff, a chorus you want to sing and a rhythm you want to do stuff to. All kinds of stuff that involves moving around. You know what they are. It’s guitars, it’s melody, it’s hooks and harmonies that you get here in the Marveline hyper-mart. Take your pick and see you at the check-out.”