New Release – Kiss of the Universe by Neon Black Dreams

New Release – Kiss of the Universe by Neon Black Dreams

‘Kiss of the Universe’ is the debut album from Ukrainian synthpop band Neon Black Dreams. The album is a concept story from beginning to end and a new chapter has been released each month in 2022 culminating in the self-titled release and conclusion of this story. The 11 tracks follow our lead characters on an adventure set in 1989 as they run across the country searching for their destinies and fleeing from the law and their own fears.

The band began during late 2020 as JJ searched for the perfect voice to tell the story. In early 2021, Yara joined the band, and the future was set.

The debut album is set in the late 80’s and details their thrilling and tragic story from Yara’s point of view. Yara takes on the role and emotions of the lead character taking listeners on a journey with her. While each song is meant to stand on its own, the experience takes the listener through each chapter of this epic story creating a soundtrack to a truly emotional experience.

‘Kiss of the Universe’ is the final single of the album. The single will be out 18th November. A pre-save is available here.

What does this song mean to you?

“This is the final song from our debut album. It represents a culmination of the entire story. But more importantly it is also a culmination of all the emotion, blood sweat and tears that went into making the album. The song has meaning within the story of the album but also deep personal meaning that deal with loss, grief, and overcoming despair to find a better future.”

Is the release accompanied with a music video?

“Yes! All the tracks from our debut album have a video. All the videos are on our official YouTube channel. All the videos are self-made. It was quite an adventure to make them. The end result is actually only half of our realization because we were not able to film the other parts due to the start of the conflict. However, we made excellent clips from the footage we had already completed and they help tell the story of the concept album.”

Is there a story behind the cover artwork? Did you make it yourself?

“The cover art is meant to be the film poster for the story of the two characters. The story is set in 1989 as the two make their way across Southern California with a lot of stolen merchandise and the authorities hot on their heels. The have only their passion and dreams to keep them alive and reach the end of their journey.”

Neon Black Dreams are JJ (keys, synths and backing vocals) and Yara Glorien (lead and backing vocals).

Neon Black Dreams live show is filled with energy, emotions, tears, and lasers. They look forward to playing for fans across the world and letting the story grow. Every chapter of the story has a new video to engage listeners and keep them craving the next chapter.