New Release – Just So You Know (J.S.Y.K) by DEV!N

New Release – Just So You Know (J.S.Y.K) by DEV!N

Dev!n will be releasing his second single ‘Just So You Know (J.S.Y.K.)‘ on 10 February. It is a beautiful break-up song, disguised as a love song. It describes the story of falling in love, the sometimes turbulent roller coaster of emotions that come with a relationship and those silent frustrations that can eventually culminate into words left unspoken, after an unforeseen break up.

“In short, it’s all the thoughts that you never got to verbalize that run through your mind after ending a relationship.”

What inspired you to write this song?

“Love…. of course that’s a cliché answer, but it’s the most genuine answer there is. I, just as many other people, became very vulnerable after a break up. However, instead of drowning my sorrows in regret, I decided to use my most therapeutic and creative outlet… music. When writing this song, I treated it as if it were a letter to my ex, written from the heart and put to music. While venting my frustrations with a friend (Dutch artist, Ina Bravo), I came up with a piano line that just happened to flawlessly fit with the melody I had for the song. Thus, ‘Just So You Know (J.S.Y.K.)’ was born.

Are you excited about the new release?

“When releasing a new single, I definitely feel excited, because I pride myself on taking the time to refine my music, until I am completely satisfied with my creation. I love receiving feedback from my listeners to see if they truly understand the intended message. I’m very interested in people’s reaction to an LGBTQ+ love / break-up song.”