New Release – Just Keep on Driving by NorthWoods Soul

New Release – Just Keep on Driving by NorthWoods Soul

NorthWoods Soul is the brainchild of Michael Holmes. He is a bedroom musician creating music with a personal meaning. His new single ‘Just Keep On Driving’ was released yesterday.

“So far the feedback has been great, it’s a song with a summer feel, I guess we are all ready for some feel good!”

“The song is a boy girl song, they meet, take a drive, but the drive is actually the girl dropping the boy at the airport, so they are saying goodbye!”

“I was inspired to write the song by a real life event. I was visiting an old friend in Austin Texas, and they came to my place to pick me up, go for brunch and then they dropped me at the airport. And just about everything I describe in the song happened! The first line is “It’s a beautiful morning” and it was! “The sun’ll keep shining”, well Austin in September you can imagine, it was bright sunshine, blue skies. “You pull up outside, we hug like old friends”, it all happened exactly as I tell it! I was strumming the chords while I was waiting for them to arrive, there was a guitar sitting in the corner of the apartment and I just picked it up and was noodling around while I waited.”

“The chords are kind of easy jazz chords, really nice. Then when I was in the car, I started thinking about the song. I had the idea about the boy girl farewell for a while and what I was experiencing seemed to fit it so perfectly.”

“When I was at the airport, I sat down with a beer and just wrote the lyrics out, on my phone, almost word for word.”

“The music came a bit later, when I was back in the UK, I kind of settled on this retro, almost 70s feel for the music. Then it really came to life when a friend I collaborate with did the backing vocals, then it really sounded like a Hall and Oates style song. Not what I intended but it sounded so good!”

“I was definitely a bit worried about how the song would be received, it’s not really an “indie” style song, but everyone seems to like it, so what do I know?”

“You could hear it being played in a rom com movie, like a ‘Love Actually’ or something, that would be amazing!”

“I’ve made a commitment to myself to release all the music I wrote last year, I have 4 or 5 songs lined up so follow me on Twitter and on Spotify if you like what you hear.”