New Release – Je t’aime je t’aime by IndifferentMonKeY

New Release – Je t’aime je t’aime by IndifferentMonKeY

IndifferentMonKey (UK) were formed by songwriter/producer Joe Lowe. Over the last 18 months the band have developed their own original sound. Inspired by many, they copy no-one. The end result of their recording draw on all sorts of elements and create that unmistakable sound of IndifferentMonKeY. The band’s debut album ‘Love & Peace’ came out on the 3rd Feb 2023. The next album is already half way there and should be ready for release by the end of 2023. On 23rd June the band are releasing their next single ‘Je t’aime je t’aime’. A pre-save is available.

“Je t’aime Je t’ aime is reworking of an earlier release ‘Love and Peace on the Big Blue Planet’, sung partly in French by Pippa, our lead singer. The track is inspired by a hope and need for world peace. It may be a dream as crazy people keep spoiling our world but if we keep the message going then it may filter through even just that little bit. The French part is translated into English as “god…I love you” “I love You” with lyrics in English “I would hate this night to be my last”. Pippa’s French interpretation is excellent and we’ve had great feedback from people we know who are actually French. The track has our signature rocky trip hop feel to it.”

“This track has a whole history. As it is a re-write of our single ‘Love and Peace on the Big Blue Planet’, the original drums were recorded in Belgium some years back. The instruments and vocals were recorded in our tiny attic home studio. As we’d been playing this version live we changed the arrangement a number of times to try improve it. We then went back to a pro studio to re record the drums quite recently. It was then mixed in our home studio and we completed the master there too.”

“The cover for ‘Je t’aime je t’aimeis a still from the video. We had lots to choose from but picked a frame of our singer Pippa as she is about to sing the line ‘Je t’aime je t’aime. The only problem was that although it captured a cool moment the graffiti on the wall behind her was not the correct line. So it was cut out and the ‘Je t’aime je t’aime graffiti added in. Deep fake!”

“There’s a sense of excitement and panic for this release. The processes involved in making a single are enormous. There’s the ‘idea’ and then the logistics of putting it all together. Hours of mixing and and making sure the ‘master’ sounds good for putting it out. Then trying to get people to hear it, which is the hardest part. So far our releases have been so wonderfully released so we tend towards ‘excitement’ more than ‘panic’ but there is always a nagging fear that your hard work will not be received well. You just have to ignore that and be proud of what you’ve created for better or worse. And we are proud of our work and we love playing it live. We hope our love for what we do will give people that same love and enjoyment.”

IndifferentMonKeY have gigs coming up in London (The Amersham Arms), Manchester and they are on the bill for their first major festival at Diva Fest with acts such as Morcheeba, Star Sailor and Feeder.

IndifferentMonKeY are ‘Pippa’ – vocals, Joe Lowe – vocals/guitars/bass/synths/writer and producer, Brendan Syson – guitar, and Graham Darbyshire – drums.


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