New Release – It Never Rains in LA by Jamie Alimorad

New Release – It Never Rains in LA by Jamie Alimorad

Jamie Alimorad is an award-winning singer/songwriter who has been wowing audiences for the better part of a decade. His breakthrough album, This Is Tomorrow Calling’ saw the singer team up with GRAMMY-nominated singer-songwriter and producer Gino Vannelli, and GRAMMY-nominated songwriter and producer Ross Vannelli. It spawned two New Music Weekly Top 10 singles, ‘Not Ready To Say Goodbye’ and ‘Brighter Days’, while also receiving GRAMMY consideration. During COVID, Alimorad continued working with Ross Vannelli on a series of singles the two have co-written, and Vannelli produced.

His new release ‘It Never Rains In LA’ will be out 8th July.

“‘It Never Rains In LA’ is about me packing up my life in New York and heading to LA to chase my dreams as a singer and songwriter. The title is a double entendre that the chances of making it in the music business are about as good as it raining in the middle of the day in Los Angeles.”

“I poke some fun at the struggles most artists, including myself, go through during the hungry years, and the all but inevitable existential crises we all feel when we hit that wall, and wonder, “What am I doing?” It’s all set to this Latin rhythm, and really happy arrangement. The perfect dichotomy of LA’s sunshine and struggle. But every so often it does rain, and dreams do come true, so you just gotta keep going.”

“I rarely record something so biographical that doesn’t involve romance or other people that play an important role in my life. ‘It Never Rains In LA’ is about me – my journey. As I worked on it with (producer, co-writer) Ross Vannelli, I had all these pictures appear in my mind – thoughts of all I’ve been through to get to LA, settle in LA, and thrive in LA. When I first moved, I would get texts from my friends asking, “Are you famous yet?” Most people don’t know how hard it is in this business. If you want to make it, you have to work harder than you ever have, and do things that most people would never imagine a musician has to do. It’s not like before with the stereotype image of sex, drugs and rock & roll. Now you’re your own manager, agent, social media manager, web admin, booking agent, press agent, the list goes on. Musicians have to do a little bit of everything. I feel ‘It Never Rains In LA’ conveys what my journey has been like in a fun way, with a good beat.”

“I absolutely love the cover art! I’ve worked with Mikhail Goldenberg on many occasions, and after playing him a rough mix of the song, he immediately came up with the concept of me in a pool, wearing a suit, with an open umbrella. I thought it was hilarious and it fit the vibe perfectly. We went out for dinner the night we were prepping for the shoot, and on the way back he asked if we could swing by the supermarket. When we walked in, there was a display of pineapples, and I joked that we needed a pineapple for the shoot, to portray my friend. I said he needs some sunglasses, and he’s all set. Mikhail loved the idea, and named him Tropical Wilson. He’s the unofficial mascot of the song.”