New Release – Infected Empire (album) by GHOST

New Release – Infected Empire (album) by GHOST

GHOST’s new album ‘Infected Empire’ comes out October 22nd. Expect 45 minutes of catchy riffs, filthy power chords, and dirty grooves. If you like heavy rock, catchy riffs, and foot stomping rhythms then this album is for you!

“I’ve been writing and recording music for around 20 years now and GHOST is my latest musical avatar. I originally created GHOST to give myself a more synth-focussed outfit to work under (unlike my other act The Fritz Dablisk Project), but have recently found myself drawn towards writing music closer to my roots – heavy rock. I’m quite happy with this latest album so I think it’s fair to assume that you can expect more rock albums from GHOST in the future.”

“Since it features so many heavy grooves, slow tempos and a filthy full on sound, I’d describe ‘Infected Empire’ as a dance grunge album. It’s a true hybrid of sounds. Fresh, riff focussed, uncomplicated and raw.”

“I create all my own artwork and for this album I created two alternate versions. One featuring a heavily altered growth of mycelium, and the other a ‘certain viral disease’. The other elements on the design work are cryptic. I’ll allow you to come to your own conclusions on what they represent.”

“If I was to pick a film that this could be a soundtrack too I think it would suit something dynamic, perhaps a road movie or something which has plenty of movement in it – a modern take on The Hitcher perhaps, or Mad Max. The juxtaposition of modern sounding rock music in ancient lands such as a desert would work well.”

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