New Release – In My Dreams by Alvinos Zavlis

New Release – In My Dreams by Alvinos Zavlis

Alvinos Zavlis makes electronic music that blurs and bends genre lines.

“I have been producing music for more than 8 years and been releasing officially for the past three. I started producing music during my final year at high school and kept on producing during my two-year military service, where I had to “smuggle” my laptop in army bases and camps, since electronic devices were forbidden. Electronic music and hip hop definitely saved my life and kept me sane in an insane environment.”

On 14th May Zavlis will release his new single ‘In My Dreams‘.

“For the past year and since the Covid-19 pandemic I started writing lyrics and singing on my productions as a way to further express my thoughts and feelings. The result is an album that will be released late in 2021, and of which ‘In My Dreams’ is a part of.”

“This song was written from the perspective of someone who realizes he’ll never be able to be with this one person he knows he’s perfect for. It can be about a lot of different relationship-dynamics, for example, two best friends that will never be romantic, long distance relationships or even a friend/special someone who passed away too soon. I tried to keep story details pretty vague in order for the listener to find her own way of relating to the song; I for example can relate to all of the above examples, so why limit it to just one scenario?”

“Sonically it’s a very dark and explorative piece that balances nicely electronic experimentation with sinister atmospheres and contemporary vocals. Thematically, it’s about two people who can’t be together in real life; their love can only exist in the world of dreams.”

“My favourite memory was definitely the first session when I started the song. I was part of a Discord group where we had a creative challenge of timing ourselves for one hour everyday and just creating something new. So, on February 6th I started this song with the intro piano melody and decided to do vocal stabs and melodies to build out the instrumental, instead of the synthesizers I usually use. When I sequenced the piano and vocal stabs I just started saying “In my dreams, I can have you” and, after one hour I had pretty much half the song done. It was one of those magical sessions where time and the outside world don’t exist at all!”

“I’m currently finishing up my Master’s degree in Sound Art where I specialize in visual music, which helped me create the music video for ‘In My Dreams’.”