New Release – Imposter Syndrome (album) by Odd Wall

New Release – Imposter Syndrome (album) by Odd Wall

Odd Wall is a talented music producer hailing from the UK, who has been making waves in the industry with his consistent releases over the past three years. With his distinctive sound and unwavering dedication, Odd Wall has garnered an impressive following, amassing over 100,000 streams on Spotify alone. As he gears up for his highly anticipated album release titled ‘Imposter Syndrome’ Odd Wall showcases his growth as a producer. He considers ‘Imposter Syndrome’ to be his finest work to date.

What does the album title reveal?

“I chose the album title ‘Imposter Syndrome’ because of the way I was feeling at the time. I suppose it reveals my insecurities when it comes to making and putting out music. When I hit little targets I set myself, it’s a strange feeling because I feel like I don’t deserve it. For example when I got played on the BBC it actually makes me feel like a fraud, like I somehow cheated and didn’t deserve to have my music played which is a really strange feeling. This album is something I am very proud of, so I’m hoping once it’s released I’ll start feeling like I actually deserve any plaudits I may get because I made this with my own efforts and skills.”

How long did it take to write and record the album?

“Longer than I had planned to be honest. I think roughly it took around a year. I knew what vibe I wanted the whole album to be so started producing the tracks for it and felt like I was on a roll so my original plan was to release it in February around my birthday. Unfortunately things happen and it doesn’t always go to plan. Finding vocalists that suit a certain song and vision I have is difficult, some artists were down to work but then for various reasons it didn’t pan out and then I had second thoughts on a few of the tracks so some of them got taken off too. I always go to the Toy Story 2 quote when things don’t happen or go to plan, ‘You Can’t Rush Art’.”

Is there a story behind your cover artwork? Did you make it yourself?

“Haha, there is definitely a story behind the artwork. So I knew quite early on what I wanted the artwork to look like and that I was going to be on it despite the crippling fear I feel about being in front of a camera and doing things like this. There is a scene in the movie ‘Uncut Gems’, which is a brilliant movie by the way if you haven’t seen it, where The Weeknd performs at a club and he wants the black light turned on and he is wearing a white cammo jacket. He looks so f**king cool and the vibe of my album reminded me of this scene so I had the crazy idea that I would create my album cover based on that scene. I ordered a black light and a white cammo jacket from Denmark with all the confidence that this was going to look sick. So my plan was to move a load of stuff from the corner of my bedroom, plug in the black light, put on the jacket and then get my wife to take some pictures and it will be perfect. However, as we know, things don’t always go to plan. The embarrassment I was feeling even in front of my wife and her laughing her head off meant that an hour and 100’s of pics later I still didn’t get the shot I wanted. Lets face it, I am not The Weekend. As I had given up my wife had an idea and convinced me to pose one last time, told me how to stand and finally got the shot I was happy with. SO just know when you look at that album cover, that’s me in my bedroom feeling like a complete twat (laughs)!”

How would you describe the album?

“Genre wise I would say it’s dark pop meets r&b. A lot of the songs are about heartbreak and love and I honestly have so many talented artists featuring on this album. Artists from the UK, America, Canada, Africa, Japan, Philippines and Argentina, every single one of them brought their A game. I also made a conscious decision to try and make the whole album flow together. When I listen back to my first album ‘Fear’, although I will always love it because it was my first album, some of it doesn’t flow together well and can sound like a bunch of different tracks put together rather than an actual album. That’s where I feel I’ve learned a lot since then and tried to iron out all the mistakes I made. This really does feel like a finished project and something I feel so proud of.”

What message do you hope your music sends to listeners? What do you hope they can take away from your songs?

“I just hope firstly that they like them, secondly that they may connect with a song or two and that helps them in some way. The reason we all listen to music is to escape real life so if even one person finds an escape in this project I will be a happy man. I also hope this album sends a message that you should never give up on your creative dreams. I’ve wanted to be a producer since I was a kid and I’m finally releasing an album I am proud of at the age of 42. Never give up.”

‘Imposter Syndrome’ is out 7th July. Pre-save the album here.


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