New Release – Impatience by The Ellipses

New Release – Impatience by The Ellipses

Evoking the sound of Seattle in the 90s, The Ellipses blend all the best of the alt-rock world – grunge, punk, and blues-influenced rock – into a minimalist musical package. Consisting of only three members, the Greensboro (USA) supergroup puts Sweet Dream frontman Julian Creech-Pritchett (drums) and Reliably Bad guitarist Colin Moser (bass) alongside singer-songwriter and Saphron bassist Ian Waddill, who mans the guitar and vocals.

Their song ‘Impatience’ is out 18th August. Pre-save here.

What does ‘Impatience’ mean to you?

Ian: “I struggled with naming it for a while – it was originally called ‘It Comes in Waves’, then ‘Self-Patience’, before its final iteration. Each time the lyrics changed a bit as I discovered what the song was actually about.”

“I flip back and forth between being a perfectionist about projects and then really pushing to get them done quick. This song is about that struggle, and wanting to be willing to take the time on everything to get the perfect result. I think that really shows in the production of this single, and taking that time really allowed us to capture the vision I had for this song in the beginning.”

Is this release different from your previous releases?

Ian: “Absolutely. The process for our debut album ‘State of Pursuit’ (released January 2023) involved me bringing a collection of songs to the band that I’d had kicking around for a few years, learning them as-is, and then recording them right away in January 2022. We hadn’t played any shows or rehearsed outside of learning the album. ‘Impatience’, as well as all our other new material, came about after we had started developing some chemistry as a band. Julian and Colin are monster musicians and they really bring that X factor to the stuff I write. This song was able to evolve naturally as we played live and improvised parts became key features, and I think that makes it a step above our previous releases in terms of songwriting.”

“The production side is miles ahead as well. I do all of our mixing and mastering, and having a bunch of shows under our belt allowed me to zero in on that live, Trio sound that is a linchpin of our style.”

How would you describe the song?

Ian: “Imagine you’re taking a nice stroll through downtown, but then a giant bird swoops down and steals your hat. You get on your hover surfboard to chase it like that guy from Treasure Planet, but when you get above the clouds you don’t see the bird so you slow down to admire the view. Then you spot it and it’s an all out high speed chase before you catch the bird on the ground and finally get your hat back. Oh, and there’s a drum solo.”

What movie or TV series should feature your song and why?

Ian: “The first time I showed my wife this song she said it had the same energy as the theme song from Yellowjackets ‘No Return’. I haven’t seen the whole show but I do know they’re headed to Seattle in 1996. Well, my favourite bands came from Seattle in the 90s so I can get on board with that.”


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