New Release – If You Ever by Ali Gilbert

New Release – If You Ever by Ali Gilbert

New Release – If You Ever by Ali Gilbert: Ali Gilbert is a British born self-taught singer/songwriter from the Midlands (UK). He has been performing music since the age of 18. From his mid 20’s he has written his own original material and since gone on to release his debut EP ‘Truth Be Told’ which includes popular singles ‘Runaway‘ and ‘Only You‘ based on real life personal experiences about love rejection and mental health. Late 2021 he released ‘Run By The River’ and in 2022 ‘Neon Paradise’. His new single ‘If You Ever’ will be out 27th January.

“I wrote this song based upon falling in love at a young age and it completely catching you off guard! The verses written in this song differ from the chorus in a way that they reflect on past tense referencing to my own personal experience falling for someone whilst amidst the challenges, stresses and pressures we face in our late teens and 20’s which ultimately lead to the decisions we end up making in those split seconds of time! Fortunately for me in this particular case I made the right decision as the chorus suggests pursuing love amongst anything else however it can also be heard from the other perspective of regret!”

“These lyrics are super raw as it’s a based upon my own experience with love which always holds a special meaning to me as a songwriter.”

“This release is different to my previous two releases which were more upbeat tempo and based upon fictional characters whereas this song is was inspired and written based up on my own experience falling for someone. The production is more stripped back with main instrumentation being guitar, bass and strings to reflect the delicacy of vocals and authenticity of the song.”