New Release – I Never Cry by Dorsten

New Release – I Never Cry by Dorsten

Dorsten is an award winning indie/folk/rock brother-sister band from the Phoenix, AZ, area (USA), comprising of Alex and Sophie Dorsten. They started in a band together as children and then did their separate projects for several years as they learned their craft. They came back together realizing how well they work together as you can hear at their shows and in their original music – the lyrics, music, creativity, and production are beyond their years.

Dorsten have been performing together for years and have opened for national touring acts and at numerous music festivals. They’ve toured in the PNW and in London, England where they also recorded at Abbey Road Studios, Studio Two and RAK Studios.

“We have a lot planned for 2023 and can’t wait. We are honored to have an amazing team behind us – Warren Wyatt-World Sound, American Artiste, and Ingrooves/Virgin Music Group/UMG for distribution.”

Dorsten’s next single ‘I Never Cry’ is an Alice Cooper cover.

“This release is very different for us – we’ve never released a cover. We want to honour Alice Cooper and Dick Wagner – who wrote the song together. I work at Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock teen center and I see how much Alice does for our community and for young artists here in Arizona. Dick Wagner was a huge part of our manager’s life (Warren Wyatt) and thought it would be cool to do a cover of a song they wrote together.”

“We recorded it in Alex’s studio and he performed all the instruments and then mixed and mastered it. We definitely had fun with this song; making it our own sound, yet still giving it some ‘Alice Cooper’ feels We hope everyone enjoys it.”

“I painted the eye in this artwork years ago and when thinking about the song, it jumped out at me. I put it into Pro-Create and made some slight changes to it – making it look more like the eye has been crying and then framed it. Simple yet gets the point across I feel.”

‘I Never Cry’ is out 24th March. Pre-save here.


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