New Release – I just want you to know (EP) by Cloudjumper

New Release – I just want you to know (EP) by Cloudjumper

Cloudjumper is the musical project of German musician, producer, composer and educator Merlin Györy. From his beginnings as a DJ in the lively club scene in Berlin in the early 2000’s, he draws inspiration from an eclectic background of influences — Cloudjumper loves to “jump” from genre to genre. His music reflects that love of creative amalgamation, as a mix of bedroom pop and instrumental music, with strong influences from earlier explorations of experimental ambient, hip hop, and electronic music, and the occasional hint of classical elements.

He will an EP on November 26th. The release is called ‘I just want you to know EP’ just as the single it features.

How would you describe the EP?  

“This is the second EP I release in this fashion, and I would describe it as a very close up, personal and honest declaration of love. Love directed towards my real life partner and wife, towards my creative community, my own creative process and myself.”

“This track started out as an entry for a beat battle in the “Bad Snacks” Discord community, which has been essential for my own creative recovery and evolution. That’s why I wanted to feature three other artists from there on this EP again. A huge shout out and “Thank You!” at this point to the incredibly talented and kind Alvinos Zavlis, Electrolyte Orchestra and J. Hurlock.”

“It is only the second song ever I sing on myself, and this raw, more personal, more vulnerable aspect is a new chapter in my musical journey and development I wanted to capture in this release. It felt only right to bring in at least a few of the voices that helped me find my voice – literally- , and provided a space where something that, to me, felt “newborn” could make its first steps without pressure or judgement, and so find the strength to say “…I never want you to go..” to my wife, myself, the creative process and my friends and community, and really mean it. Hopefully this EP will inspire and encourage others to also explore this aspect wherever it is for themselves.”

Is there a sense of excitement or panic for the release?

“Yes, there is definitely a bit of both with this. Since I have decided to put something so close to me out, and to let that be reflected in performance, production and mix, there is always a bit of panic from my inner critic and perfectionist. That part of me thinks it’s absolutely outrageous to attempt doing something like this, where in the past my focus was so much more on experimental and instrumental music, and my work in media and video game music. There are a lot of inner demons, who were fed by my upbringing, social environment and circumstance, who’d like me to believe that the kind of renaissance artist I love to be has no place in this world. Good for me and bad for “them” that my last release got so much positive response that now I feel quite excited and empowered to continue in that direction. So in the end there is a lot more excitement, and still a bit of panic, but it’s mostly dwindled to a level that makes things interesting, like the moment before you jump out of an airplane…with a parachute of course!”

Is there a story behind the artwork? Did you make it yourself?

“Yes, both. I like to do visual art as well and recently have started to explore incorporating AI into my visual process. For this cover art in particular I combined a few AI generated pieces, and then added some detailed final touches on my own digitally. I wanted a cover that shows both the “rocky” aspects and the nicer parts of the creative process of making this EP.”

“Things always have multiple layers for me, but one I like about this artwork, is that it reflects the “rocky road towards a bright future” aspect of the title song, as well as that it was not “entirely” created by me, honoring the part others, luck, and life have played in both my own process expressed in my work, and the creative process of making it. To me it’s a reminder to keep walking and to keep my eyes on where I want to go.”

Is there a link to pre-save?

“Yes! This one.”