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New Release – I Had a Dream About You, Honey by Fleurr

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Fleurr is a singer- songwriter from Shropshire (UK). She started to create music in 2018, but has had a very strong interest in music all her life.

“I love to create a story and set a scene in my songs. Creating a world for either people to relate to or see something from a different angle or even just vibe to. I love songs and strive to make one that resonates with someone. I have a motto it’s “be real the world need more of it”. I try to be as honest and real through my music so I hope that comes through.”

Fleurr’s new single ‘I Had a Dream About You, Honey’ will be released April 23rd. The link to the pre- save is here.

“The song is about dreaming of being intimate with someone you love. It’s those special moments that we all think of when your away from that person. The longing to be close to them. In the song it says “fingertips touching, pull me closer” it really is that dream in your mind about being intimate and close to the one you love. It sounds like it’s about the moments before sex, and it is, but it’s more than that. It’s wanting to be close, that longing when your away from someone to be close and intimate where it enters your dreams and consumes your mind. And with that I give you ‘I Had a Dream About You, Honey’.”

“The producer for the melody is called Jason Aro at KloudNineMusic. I recorded the song at home with my home recording set up. I sent the files over to a guy called Giancarlo Roberti who is a mixing engineer from Italy. I have previously collaborated with him. I sent him my idea and he brought it to life.”

“There is always excitement with me. I’ve been growing as an artist and finding myself, the last 5 months behind the scenes I’ve been making a lot of demos in all different genres to find myself but nothing sounded (to me) as great as the pop stuff. So this latest single I am really excited to release. I can’t actually believe I made it and even though I have a lot of learning to do. I still have excitement of sharing that something out of nothing with other people. I just can’t get over that. It’s exciting.”

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