New Release – Hunting Season by Laura Kelsey

New Release – Hunting Season by Laura Kelsey

Laura Kelsey is a Nanaimo (Canada), art-folk artist who has fronted everything from death metal to blues bands and who is now performing as a solo musician. As a solo artist, she brings these musical influences together to create unique songs inspired by natural West Coast elements, honesty and dreams, all shared with a powerful, emotive voice.

Her debut EP ‘Hunting Season’ will be released 29th April. Her next single ‘Hunting Season’ is the title track from her upcoming debut EP. Laura previously released the singles ‘Beyond The Tide’ and ‘Your Stormy Ways’.

“The song, with its dreamy feel, explores cycles in an underground world where every living thing’s life energy is suspended in strings above a great pool. When something dies, its string snaps and its energy rejoins the pool to be dispersed and recreated.”

“The song was recorded and produced by Winston Hauschild at The Treehouse Studios on Bowen Island, BC (Canada), and features The Treehouse Studio owner Robert Bailey on pedal steel.”

“The cover art and music video were created by photographer and filmmaker Arpen Jhajj, owner of Salt & Charcoal Pictures, on a very fun adventure cave hunting on Vancouver Island in August 2022. The head piece was created by floral artist Lisa of Fleur De Lii and the dress was handmade by Valley of Wanderlust. Jolynn Mears also came along as an assistant on the shoot.”

‘Hunting Season’ is out 21st March. Pre-save it here.


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