New Release – How Many Times? by Odd Wall

New Release – How Many Times? by Odd Wall

Music producer Odd Wall (UK) will release his next single ‘How Many Times?’ on 27th May.

“It is about the pain you let yourself go through because you tell yourself lies. For example people that are in bad relationships and keep getting their hearts broke will remain in that relationship because they lie to themselves that it’s going to get better and it’s fine. It can relate to a many number of situations which makes this song very relatable to so many people.

“As I’ve told you previously, before every release I always get this panic inside of me but with this release I don’t really have any. I’m actually really excited to get this out. This wasn’t meant to be my next release I had another track lined up but as soon as I finished this one I pulled the plug on the other track and put the wheels in motion to release this. I think this song sounds great in the sun so I’m hoping it could be part of someone’s soundtrack for the summer.”

“The artwork was designed by Shadow Of Light who previously made my artwork for ‘Take Me Down’. He’s an amazing producer by the way. As this is another D&B track I wanted the artwork to be quite similar to the last. We went with a broken clock to represent the question in the lyric ‘how many times does it take for my heart to break’. I think it works well and I love the colours.”