New Release – How I Feel by Helen Maw

New Release – How I Feel by Helen Maw

Helen Maw is singer/songwriter and multi instrumentalist from Liverpool. She writes a mixture of soulful and classically inspired pop and has performed her songs in venues across Liverpool.

Helen is also a music writer for various local publications and she is also a co-founder of Satellite Music and Events, an organisation established in 2020 which aims to showcase emerging artists in the Liverpool area and beyond. She currently works in the copyright team at Sentric Music, based in Liverpool.

Helen has been independently releasing her own music since 2019. In April 2021, Helen released her third single ‘Wait‘. The song has been her most successful single to date and has been played on radio stations across the world, including multiple plays on BBC Introducing Merseyside and Amazing Radio. The track is still currently receiving daily radio play across the UK. ‘Wait’ was accompanied by a lyric video which featured various shots of the city of Liverpool, shot by Helen herself.

What does this song mean to you?

“This song is really important to me. It was the first song I wrote after a long period of not writing new songs because I was struggling with finding my voice as a songwriter. It is a culmination of the frustration I was feeling at the time and wanting to prove to myself more than anything that I could write more songs.”

“I’ve waited a long time to record this song as I had so many ideas and wanted it to be exactly right and then as soon as I went into the studio, all of my ideas changed and I came up with something I would have never have thought of.”

“It feels like this is my big song, the one that matters the most and I really am the proudest I’ve ever been of a track I’ve recorded. I’m so excited for people to hear it.”

What are you hoping to achieve with this release?

“I always say I release music for me, because I get a great sense of achievement from writing a song and then recording and releasing it. That being said, there is of course a part of me which would love for loads of people to hear it and it go straight to number 1 – a girl can dream!”

“For this song, because it is one that is so important to me, I would love for more people to listen to and connect with it and to just build more of a following. With my previous single, it was played on the radio across the world and still is, if I could achieve that again with ‘How I Feel’ then I will be very happy!”

When releasing a new single is there a sense of excitement or panic?

“Definitely a mix of both! For me, I never thought I would release my own music, it never seemed like something I could do and then when I released my first single, everything changed and I haven’t looked back since. It’s silly really, how one little moment like that can change everything. It was the advice of Chris from Oscillate Recording Studios in Manchester who I recorded my first single with. He mentioned I should release the track and it was a real lightbulb moment. I had no idea how to do releases and what they entailed but I learnt and now I’m on release number six in just over two years.”

“Having someone hear your music and believe in it enough to encourage you to release it is so important. That’s where the excitement comes from for each release, it’s such a thrill to know your song is out there for literally anyone to listen to!”

“However, there is a sense of panic that comes with that too as you want people to love the song as much as you, especially if you’ve spent weeks and months putting it together!”

“Overall, it is an amazing experience and I would encourage any artist who isn’t sure whether to release to just go for it.”