New Release – Horizon (live acoustic) by Andrew Olsen

New Release – Horizon (live acoustic) by Andrew Olsen

Andrew Olsen will be releasing a live and acoustic version of ‘Horizon‘ tomorrow, 2 February. I asked him some questions about the upcoming release.

Why did you decide to record an acoustic version?

“There is beauty in a songwriter showcasing his music in its natural form.  No production, no special effects, just a man, a microphone, his guitar and a story.”

What inspired you to write it?

“’Horizon’ was born in a reflective state. I realized I’ve come a long way, made some mistakes, done some things correctly, but found humility in that perfection is un-reachable, much like a horizon. We were created to be great, but we have to tap in to The Creator, to embrace that.”

What are you hoping to achieve with this release?

“‘Horizon (full version)’ is by far my best performing song, statistically speaking, so far. Hopefully, the ‘Live Acoustic Version’ gives the listener a deeper look into the foundation of the song and provides an opportunity to listen to the message I am conveying in my lyrics.”