New Release – Honeytrap by Orson’s Well (feat. Jodi Fleisher)

New Release – Honeytrap by Orson’s Well (feat. Jodi Fleisher)

Orson’s Well was formed in 2000 by a group of actors at the Lyric Opera of Chicago, bringing together an eclectic combination of classic rock, blues, and vocal harmonies mixed with a modern style. In 2001 the band released its album ‘Serve The Verve’, followed by a Midwest tour. They continued performing for several years until their final 2004 performance in Chicago (USA).

Life pulled the band members in different directions, and they ended up spread out across the country, from Los Angeles, California to Bangor, Maine. A 2020 Zoom call sparked the band’s interest in recording together again in anticipation of the 20th anniversary of the release of ‘Serve The Verve’. After developing a remote songwriting and recording process, the band used their seasoned musicianship to create an updated version of the title track, named ‘Serve The Verve 2021’, in February 2021. The band released a music video for the song, which is comprised entirely of footage from their Midwest tour.

“The song ‘Honeytrap’ was one of the first songs we recorded in the same room after literal decades had passed. Although we’d reunited as a band after a 20 year hiatus, our new recordings were made during the Coronavirus pandemic…together, but apart. When we were finally able to be in the same room together for this recording, all of a sudden we were vibing off of each other in a way that only we can. The experience was nothing short of magical and one we’ll never forget.”

“Lead singer Scott Silbor wrote ‘Honeytrap’ while working at the Tony Award Winning Victory Gardens Theatre in Chicago. He was the sound board operator for a production of Hapgood by Tom Stoppard, which is set in the opaque world of spies and espionage. The lexicon of secret agent codewords in the play inspired Silbor to write his own lyrical tale of two enemy spies who blow each other’s cover and ultimately fall in love.”

“Most of our music has more of a straight ahead rock and roll feel to it, while this one is intended to be more cinematic. It has a mysterious and sexy vibe, later ramping up to a climactic crescendo. It’s also the first Orson’s Well tune to feature an artist outside of the core band. Jodi Fleisher sings alongside Silbor as his enemy / lover. Fun Fact: the two vocalists have been a real life couple since 2005.”

‘Honeytrap’ (feat. Jodi Fleisher) is out 21st April. A pre-save is available.

Scott Silbor wrote and recorded lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Dominic Harris wrote and recorded lead guitar, Bill Tisdale wrote and recorded drums, and Jay Harnish wrote and recorded bass. Scott Silbor’s wife, Jodi Fleisher, recorded additional lead vocals and harmonies.


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