New Release – Honey Bear by Little Rabbit

New Release – Honey Bear by Little Rabbit

Little Rabbit are Brandon Petty and Becky Warren, who met about 20 years ago. They briefly played in a band, Fallen, about 15 years ago, then got together as a duo in 2017. They released their first tracks in 2020 on all digital platforms. Both Becky and Brandom were in bands in their 20s, had day jobs and families, and have returned to music because they love it.

On 9 June they will release ‘Honey Bear’. Becky Warren: “It’s an obsessional love song. It’s really dramatic with crashing piano chords and huge passion – a kind of a mad James Bond theme.”

“The lyrics were written by Brandon Petty as a bit of a challenge. Could he write a verse just based on loved ones affectionate pet names? He thought if John Grant could, why not??”

Brandon Petty: “Hearing Becky’s interpretation of the lyrics, the superb contrast in the vocals – the sultry sensual verses followed by dramatic choruses.”

Becky Warren: “Brandon presented it to me a bit hesitantly, not sure what I would make of it but it clicked first time and I found the heart of the song, made it darker and a bit over the top… It makes me think that she has either just killed her lover and is playing with his body, or is about to – but that might be just me. (PS seems I have a dark side) (PPS I’m not actually a murderer)”

Litte Rabbit have their first post-pandemic gig at Indy-Go in Kelham island, Sheffield, on 29 July.