New Release – Home by Pepe and the Bandits

New Release – Home by Pepe and the Bandits

Pepe is a singer/songwriter from the UK. After helping a friend move he found a very beat up and old guitar in a skip with no strings on. He claimed this magical guitar, restored it, restrung it, got some lessons and the rest is history.

Pepe is influenced by catchy songs that are easy on the ear. On July 24th Pepe will release his new single ‘Home‘.

What’s the song about?

“Football is coming home for England, isn’t it? However the song isn’t about football. Although it’s called ‘Home’ it’s about a second chance, knowing you have made a mistake and taken that opportunity to rectify your mistakes. We all love coming home, don’t we? It’s where the heart is.”

How would you describe it?

“It’s a slower piano ballad, which is unusual for me since most of my songs are guitar based. I worked really hard on my vocals and mixed and mastered this one myself.”

Is the release accompanied with a music video?

“Yes, you can find the video on YouTube here. I always make my own videos, but there’s no secret recipe, I use Wondershare Filmora.”