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New Release – Hollowhead by The Vaulted Skies

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Once described as the lovechild of Robert Smith and Boy George, the beard-afflicted, kohl-eyed singer-songwriter James AJ Scott put The Vaulted Skies (UK) together in 2013 to bring peace to the galaxy through a fusion of edgy alternative rock and danceable electronica, shot through with the dynamics of grunge and bouts of epic melancholia. 

In his iconic yellow woollen-framed spectacles and badge- emblazoned lab-coat, Doktor Ben Singleton can be found stage-right conducting sonic experiments on a second guitar alongside Scott’s. The line-up is completed by bassist Andy McFarlane, who joined after answering an ad on a sort of Tinder for musicians, and a revolving cast of drummers who are summoned using incantations of questionable moral (and health & safety) standards.

‘Hollowhead’ is out 31th March. A pre-save is available here.

James Scott: “This track is inspired by and dedicated to my father. He came to England from India in the 1950s, when he was 10.”

“After experiencing positive discrimination initially – he was cast in West End musicals like South Pacific and The King & I, on account having not only an extroverted personality and a good singing voice, but also authentic dark skin, it wasn’t long before he also suffered outright racism. This continued throughout his life, and although it surely contributed to crafting the more difficult side of his personality, I can’t help but admire all the things he achieved in spite of the prejudices that otherwise held him back in so many ways.”

“So in some respects, the song is simply saying “Let what doesn’t kill you, make you stronger”, but the context is very personal, right down to the Eastern flavours in the intro. That descending part was one of the first things I wrote after his death in 2000. Along with many other, much more literal expressions of the complicated form of grief I was going through.”

“The song tried and failed to come to life several times over the years. It finally happened during a session with Ben in which we played around with the chord progressions within each section. This would have been around the same time he helped craft the middle 8 for ‘What If I Were The Boy?’.”

“I think this song is probably the heaviest thing we have released to date. There are heavier things on the horizon, but also softer things too. We’re broadening our horizons. Letting whatever comes naturally manifest, not filtering ourselves so much.”

“When releasing a new single there’s always excitement. The anticipation of what it could mean. We’re always finding new ways to hone our craft, and the hope is that the hard work translates into something people can appreciate. We are being entirely pure and honest and with that vulnerability comes a certain trepidation. But it falls on the side of excitement rather than panic.”

For fans of: The Cure, Nirvana, PJ Harvey and The Doors

Written by: leancool20

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