New Release – Holding On For My Life (EP) by Harry J Hart

New Release – Holding On For My Life (EP) by Harry J Hart

Starting 2021 with a slot at Jungle Love Festival and Canada Music Week, Gold Coast teenager Harry J Hart has drawn attention from around the globe for his unique songwriting, vocal and guitar skills. This year has seen him drop several pop rock singles in the lead up to his debut EP ‘Holding On For My Life’ due out on October 15th. Pre-Save the EP here.

“There’s a consistent theme that runs throughout the EP. The whole album basically is a step by step of realising a relationship is fading or that it’s not going to work out and having to come to terms with that.”

When listened to sequentially it opens with the post honeymoon phase in ‘Who We Are’ where the realisation of each other’s differences begins to dawn. Communication begins to drop, and feelings of mistrust arise in his latest single ‘No Goodbye’ then ‘Come Back Down’ sees frustrations hit a breaking point when you know, to not lose yourself, you need to stand your ground.

‘Stay’ is about that point in a relationship where you are aware of the issues but are rationalising whether to fight for it or whether walking away is the right thing to do, and by ‘Make It Easy’ the other person has made that decision an easy one for you, even if it does still hurt.

“The bonus track on this EP was the addition of my first single ‘It Calls Out’, as I feel it ties this story together with a sense of the old relationship still lingering behind you but not having let go yet.”

“I’d have to say my favourite is ‘No Goodbye’! It’s hard not to make a face when playing the chorus riff!!! I wrote it for a uni assessment before I dropped out. I don’t totally remember what the assessment was, but the verses are counted in 2/4 rather than 4/4 which is always a bit of fun!”

The EP was recorded at Head Atlas Studio in Moorooka with Joel Myles. All tunes were mixed by Myles and mastered by Paul Blakey of 12th and Vine Post.

“The recording process for this album took a little bit over 2 years to complete. It all started when I met Joel Myles from Head Atlas studios at Bigsound 2019. We got chatting, I showed him some live footage and within the next month we had started recording ‘It Calls Out’. ‘It Calls Out’ took the longest to record as it was my first time recording anything properly and was getting used to the whole process.”

Harry J Hart | October 15, 2021 | HoTA (Basement) | Gold Coast
Harry J Hart | November 12, 2021 | O’Skulligans | Brisbane