New Release – Hold On by The Holy Guns

New Release – Hold On by The Holy Guns

Hot bottles and long nights – a modern Blues/Rock band on its own terms…

Brad Williams had wanted to start a modern blues/rock band for some time, playing original songs with honesty, integrity and soul. The mission was to write and perform songs for the sheer love of the music, with no compromise. The Holy Guns were born.

The band released their first single in March 2019. In 2023 the band has released ‘Roadworn Blues’ and another track ‘Hold On’ is set for release on 10th July, followed by another later this year.

“The song ‘Hold On’ was written during the early days of the global pandemic, and talks about things I was experiencing keenly myself, along with world events at the time and witnessing the decline of a close family member. It’s the most personal of my songs so far, revealing true life events and emotions that are the result of raw nerves and mantras for the future.”

“This release has a very different style to our other more blues rock songs – it reflects a different side of ourselves – a more soulful and impassioned nature.”

“My favourite memory of recording is the elation of a first take, ad-libbed guitar solo, that although not perfect….kinda expresses the desperation and hope of the song’s overarching sentiment.”

“The cover artwork is a photo (courtesy of of the back of a guitar I own – I love how it resembles a solitary island adrift in a secret sea, a nation under attack, and its hopes for survival.”

‘Hold On’ is out 10th July. A pre-save is available.


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