New Release – Higher Low by Leigh Thomas

New Release – Higher Low by Leigh Thomas

Leigh Thomas is an Australian based singer/songwriter/guitarist, with a lengthy history performing in both the Melbourne indie scene and cover scene. Over the years Leigh has performed with various bands and as a solo artist, has been involved in national tours, pub circuits, has played live on JJJ Radio, and has been a constant live venue performer. Recently, Leigh has returned to writing, recording and releasing his own material, which could be described as guitar based, melodic pop/rock, ranging from heavy and beat driven, to softer and sometimes poignant ballads.

A new track ‘Higher Low’ will be out on 21st January.

“‘Higher Low’ in a nutshell is about fear. Fear of failure, fear of success and fear of letting others down. It hints at fear avoidance, risk avoidance, staying comfortable and settling for mediocrity.”

“In general, I have always been a risk taker and a rebel, despite my music being somewhat on the commercial side. That’s just my musical influences and schooling, and being true to myself. But regardless, I think most of us have experienced those fears at some point.”

“The song was written and recorded in November/December 2021.”

“The art work was my concept, based around the Greek mythological figure Icarus, substituted with a crow, (a bit of a recurring figure in my art), and produced by a very talented artist friend of mine named Aimee Bridgman. It has had a fantastic response too!”