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New Release – Higher by Brave New Broken Hearts Club

todayJuly 25, 2022 35

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Brave New Broken Hearts Club is the vehicle for north London born songwriter and producer Neil Phillimore. Neil’s writing and producing skills have in previous years been put to use running a not-for-profit organisation songwriting and recording for the wellbeing and mentoring of youth. The origins of Brave New Broken Hearts Club was simply the exercising of that same power of creativity for the sake of wellbeing in his own life following the disappointment and sadness at the premature demise of the organisation. The music is shaped by a commitment to whole-heartedness and authenticity and by the love of the classic 3 minute ‘pop-song’ format.

‘Higher’ is the third single to be released since the 2021’s debut album ‘Not What We Call Love’. The previous two singles ‘A Little Piece of Me’ and ‘All I Have Is Now’ have been widely praised by music blogs internationally as Brave New Broken Hearts Club continues to build his audience abroad but also at home in the UK through intimate house-gigs.

“Back in 2019 after the cessation of the charity I had started and ran for 6 years, I entered into a time of enormous sadness/depression and I was dealing with burnout too. It was hard time; dealing with exhaustion, disappointment and bewilderment at why such a fabulous project couldn’t attract the funding it deserved. As I reflected, as lockdown gave me extra time to do (sometimes writing in my journal or sometimes just staring out the window) I started wondering if there was something I could learn, something to be taken from where I found myself. I started wondering if the ‘path’ I was on would lead to me learning something that I could only learn by travelling this particular difficult road. It helped me believe that there could be a purpose for that ’season’ in my life; it also pointed to there being an ‘end’ to how I was feeling. I had to come to that realisation myself though. I think if someone else had suggested that to me I would have not taken it well; but it turned out to be a helpful thought process for me.”

“Also at the same time, the disappointment I was feeling, made me start to think about the expectations I had had and it started me on a road of re-evaluating a lot of things and letting go of a lot of assumptions about things. My whole existing paradigm collapsed during that time really, it was a real season of letting go, of ‘un-learning’ if you like. This song represents that journey really.”

“‘Higher’ is another acoustic lead song like the last single ‘All I Have Is Now’. It’s quite a lot like the last single actually. Other than that I have no idea what to liken it to! The lyrics are thoughtful – there’s a line inspired by Yeats’ idea of ‘looking for the face I had before the world was made’ – and the music is atmospheric, simple, with some nice tremolo guitar parts along with the main acoustic; there’s some nice harmonies in the chorus too.”

“I was very pleased recently when European Indie Music Network. said I was “Genuinely like no other artists you’ve ever heard” I don’t know if it’s true but I really want it to be, as I cannot think of anything I’d rather have said about me than that to be honest! As far as the ‘craft’ of songwriting goes I think it’s up there with the best I’ve written.”

“I don’t remember too much about actually writing it really as it came together so quickly and easily, but I do have very happy memories of the general time period that I wrote it. It was last year and it was really at the point of me coming out of the depression and finding a new place of contentment, and comfort with not knowing – well anything really – but specifically what was next for me in my life following the charity. I learned for the first time in my life how to live in the moment and just be in the day I’m in. It’s something that’s stayed with me actually – amazingly – so anyway this song resonates with that time as that’s when I wrote it; looking back on where I had come from to get there.”

‘Higher’ will be out on 29th July. A pre-save is available.

Written by: leancool20

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