New Release – Hey Jimbo by Jim McHugh

New Release – Hey Jimbo by Jim McHugh

From the Farney drumlins of Co. Monaghan, Ireland, multi-instrumentalist Jim McHugh brings a new edge to the folk tradition, blending traditional and indie styles with up-tempo beats. In 2016 he drew upon his past and recent musical experiences to record an album of new songs entitled ‘Noise Machine’, nicely summed up by Pete Whalley as “Indie folk-driven rock that has a vibrant beating heart”. 

His second album ‘My Nuclear Radio’ followed in 2019. In late 2020, Jim recorded a new album entitled ‘Pretending To Wake Up’. The album will be available in late May 2021 and will be pressed to vinyl as a special release. The album is available for pre-order here

On March 26th Jim will be releasing his second single, ‘Hey Jimbo‘, from the upcoming album.

“‘Hey Jimbo’ centers around the history of past relationships, not all directly my own but we all know these stories of unrequited love. The title takes its name from my nickname ‘Jimbo’ and its, as you will hear from the song, often hollered out as ‘Hey Jimboooooo’. Similar to my previous single ‘Dave’ the song evolves around the opening guitar riff and the band powerfully supports the flow of energy throughout it.”

“Hey Jimbo was recorded, produced and mixed by Alex Borwick (Parliament Funkadelic, Catfish & The Bottlemen, Niamh Regan, Sput Searight, Lankum) at Black Mountain Studios, Jenkinstown and Wynne Wynne Studio, Dundalk. It was mastered by Fergal Davis (Sinéad O’Connor/Muse) and features Paul McCabe on bass, Butch McNeill on drums and Alex Borwick on trombone.”

“The artwork features a picture take of myself by my father when I was around 7 years old. I used to walk through fields of barley with my dad as he was inspecting the quality of the oats. I remember the height of the oats being much taller than myself and scratching myself on the sticky stems.”