New Release – Here With Me by Paul Lawrence Music

New Release – Here With Me by Paul Lawrence Music

Paul Lawrence is a singer/songwriter from the UK, who has been writing songs since 2009.

“I had my very first project, under the name The Paul Lawrence Project. I co-worked on this project for a few years releasing three EP’s and an album. You can check out these tracks on Spotify, under the artist name The Paul Lawrence Project. Then the time came to move on and I currently work with a vocal coach, to sing and release my own music. The first track that came out of this is called ‘25 Years’!”

“I have also worked on a collaboration single ‘Sunset’ and ‘Sunset Glowing Waves Remix’ with MsMauz, which are now available on Spotify! I also wrote lyrics to tracks for MsMauz and Lyn Rajah.”

“My new song ‘Here With Me’ is about someone wishing that someone they don’t see anymore was still here with them. The song can been viewed in two different ways from a listeners point of view. It can reflect a relationship that has ended or missing someone because of there passing.”

“I wrote the song in February of this year. The lyrics have a special meaning to me, as I wrote it based on family members passing. The song means a lot to me, when I listen to the song I reminisce about the past and happy memories.”

“I would describe the song as a sad/happy song. Because the song is sad but it can make you happy by remembering the good times. It’s very different from my previous release ‘Come Back’ which is a country song with an upbeat feel.”

“I think the song would be good on a film. If the film was based on a true story and it has a sad element to it.”

“The song was mixed and mastered in a recording studio in Basingstoke, under the company name Roar Music Group. Roar Music Group added the music, I wrote the lyrics and melody. I also sing on the track.”

“When I release my music, it’s a mix of excitement and panic. Excitement by the song is finally released and panic on marketing the song once released. I am hoping for as many people to hear this release, as I feel it can relate to a lot of people.”

“I was searching for the artwork that matched the feel of the song, with this artwork I think I managed to get that right.”

‘Here With Me’ is out 19th May. The pre-save link can be found here.


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