New Release – Held in Our Hands by Lyon Tide and Lines of Flight

New Release – Held in Our Hands by Lyon Tide and Lines of Flight

In October 2021 Lyon Tide released the first of their collaboration tracks: ‘Silent Words’ with British singer/songwriter Julia Faulks. Their next collaboration track ‘Held in Our Hands’ features Lines of Flight and will be released this coming Friday 3rd December. For now it’s an exclusieve Bandcamp release. It will be released on Spotify as part of a special collaboration EP later in 2022.

How and when did you meet?

“We met online via the musical Twitterverse at the beginning of 2021, we have never met in real life unfortunately — yet! We can’t remember if their first track had been listed in the CoolTop20 or not, probably was as that is where we get most of our ‘new’ music from.”

“We were immediately hooked on each other’s sound/music etc. and therefore took to creating something together. It was inevitable.”

What’s the song about?

“How attached we are to our phones and devices and forget about living a real life – at least that’s our interpretation of the lyrics, I guess you would need to ask Matthew Henderson from Lines of Flight for the original significance.”

“The lyrics and track were originally written/produced by Line of Flight’s Matthew Henderson, we rewrote-reproduced it by adding our own noise and vocals. We hope you all enjoy it as much as we did collaborating on it.”

When releasing a new single is there a sense of excitement or panic?

“Both! Especially in this case as we are releasing a collaboration track between us, Lyon Tide and Lines of Flight so we wanted it to match their style while also being identifiable to our own.”

Is there a story behind the art work? Did you make it yourself?

“Yes and yes. Not exactly a story to tell but the artwork was created to embrace the collaboration/crossover. We took their imagery from previous releases and masked it into our logotype so that it is visibly obvious that we have worked together on this track. The colours were also used specifically to reflect the sound and vibe of the track.”

Lyon Tide are an indie alternative pop/rock band from Birmingham (UK).

Lines of Flight are Helen Whale & Matthew Henderson. Strangers before March 2020, they started collaborating in separate terraced houses in Leeds (UK) during lockdown. Their music is electronic dreampop-shoegaze.