New Release – Hear What I Say by The Whistling Cyclist

New Release – Hear What I Say by The Whistling Cyclist

Steven Andrews, a retired engineer from Scotland, has two passions music and cycling, hence the name The Whistling Cyclist. He has been playing piano and violin since he was young. As a teenager he started playing guitar and was in a couple of bands. Then life got in the way and he didn’t have much time to play music. For his 60th birthday he bought an Apple Mac with Garageband and he has been recording his own songs since.

His new release is called ‘Hear What I Say’. It will be out 21st April. There is no link to pre-save.

“It’s a guitar heavy rock track with a higher vocal coming over it. I’ve tried to make it with a driving beat, it’s up tempo and energetic.”

“I’ve tried different styles from folk to rock and I like to vary the genres.”

“This is a complete departure from my usual singer/songwriter genre in that it falls more over to the heavy rock side. I wanted a driving beat and a lead guitar coming over as well as some vocals. This time I wanted the vocals to be different and to try and achieve an ethereal type sound.”

“I think this track would fit well into a driving/action type game or film/TV requiring a heavy rock guitar sound with a driving beat. I will be delighted and appreciative if anyone listens and enjoys it.”


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