New Release – Head Shrinker by SD Charlton

New Release – Head Shrinker by SD Charlton
Abstract 3d human face with disintegrating hexadecimal particles.

SD Charlton (Lincolnshire, UK) has been in bands since his debut in 1986 with ‘Club 87’ at Harrisons on the seafront at Skegness. He also had a very successful period from 1996 – 2003 as a regular club circuit singer travelling all over the United Kingdom, playing in several excellent venues. He released his first solo album ‘Better Late Than Never’ in April 2022. A new single ‘Head Shrinker’ will be out on 28th October.

What’s the song about?

“The song was written about a toxic, one sided relationship and the realisation from the submissive partner that the relationship needs to end, for their health both physically and mentally.”

When did you write it?

“I wrote the song during the second lockdown as I became more aware of the increasing number of relationships, however solid they seemed, were dissolving during this quite unprecedented period.”

Is this release different from your previous releases?

“Yeah, I think if anyone who has listened to my previous releases will get that although there are several different styles/genres even within my songs, this latest release is a definite swing towards the rockier style.”

“To be honest, I originally wrote the song for another project of mine, The Courtyard Jesters, which will indeed dive into a rock based pool of discord and lawlessness, but as I wrote and recorded the songs for that it became obvious that this song was more personal and belonged with my solo work.”

His studio band The Courtyard Jesters release their debut album May 2023.