New Release – Happy When It’s Raining by Nomden

New Release – Happy When It’s Raining by Nomden

Diederik Nomden aka Nomden is a Dutch multi-instrumentalist, singer / songwriter. He played in several bands before releasing his first solo album under the name Royal Parks in 2012. The album ‘Wingman Returns’ (2019) was the first release under his own name Nomden.

“I’ve been recording for quite a while and I enjoy playing and recording all the parts on my own. I love to make orchestral arrangements, which I then record with really great classical musicians.”

‘Happy When It’s Raining’ is the second single single of his new album ‘Parallel Universe’, on which the lyrics of the songs revolve around the question; ‘What if?’ When you would have made different decisions in your life, what would your Parallel Universe look like?

“This song about the attraction of two opposites, a theme that’s as old as time. On top of that, he always feels as if he’s only required when she feels like it.”

“She’s only smiling when her clouds are in my skies, she’s only worried when my sunshine hits her eyes. I have always been an extra on her set.“

Happy When It’s Raining – Nomden

“There was no direct inspiration for this song, just general issues between people who are attracted to each other but one wants the other more…“

“I wrote it in the spring of 2020. I like the lightness of the music in combination with the serious subject of the lyrics. It’s happy and light in tone, though is serious in undertone.”

“This single is probably an ‘easier’ song than the previous single ‘Parallel Universe’. It might be the most ‘single-like’ song I’ve ever written!”

“The cover artwork is basically the album artwork, made by Victor Meijer. But only with a different title. It’s a bus with people under the sea, in a parallel universe so to speak. It appears they are in control, but when you see the inside of the gatefold, it’s not at all the case!”

Happy When It’s Raining’ will be out on Friday 21st January. The album ‘Parallel Universe’ isn’t available on streaming services yet, but is available to buy on his website.